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Iberia Airlines Pet Travel

Iberia Airlines Pet Shipping Service

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Iberia is part of the IAG cargo group of airlines. This means the list of banned or restricted breeds are the same as British Airways. Iberia will not carry Bulldogs (any type), Pugs or Pekingese but do carry most other breeds. Other flatter faced breeds (or crosses of these types) such as Bullmastiffs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, and Shih Tzu’s require a travel kennel 10% larger than the minimum for a long-nosed dog of that size. Cats such as Himilayan, Persian and Exotic also require bigger than usual crate sizes, but no cat breeds are banned from travel. Fetchapet travel crates are always generous, so the size restrictions do not really apply to our shipments.

Deliveries to this airline are undertaken at the BA World Cargo terminal in Heathrow. Pets are held in their animal room in the cargo warehouse before being taken directly to the aircraft by IAG Cargo staff. Pets in this air-conditioned room are cared for by the airline staff and given fresh water while they await loading onto the flight.

Iberia will tranship pets onto other Iberia flights so they can offer transiting routes to South America that are not served directly from London, such as Montevideo via Madrid, so Iberia can definitely be a good option for these destinations

Iberia Airlines Pet Shipping FAQs

Is Iberia Airlines pet friendly?

Yes it is. Iberia Airlines let various breeds of dog and cats on their flights.

Does Iberia Airlines allow emotional support animals?

No. Iberia Airlines doesn’t let emotional support animals fly in the passenger cabin.

Does Iberia Airlines allow pets in cabin?

Iberia Airlines does not allow pets to be flown in the cabin, except for certified service animals only.

What is the cost of flying a dog with Iberia Airlines?

Iberia Airlines dog export costs between £1400 – £6500, depending on a variety of factors. See how much it’ll cost to ship your dog for free by clicking here.

What is the cost of flying a cat with Iberia Airlines?

Exporting your cat with Iberia Airlines costs between £1400 – £1650 (on average). Find your cat shipping cost for free by clicking here.

Can pets travel on the same flight as me with Iberia Airlines?

Yes. It’s easiest to book your pets flight first, and then book your own as your pets flight can be rescheduled easier than your own. If you decide to use our pet export service, we will reschedule your pets flight for free, and only charge a small administration fee for multiple re-bookings.

How to book a pet on Iberia Airlines.

Booking your pet on an Iberia Airlines flight is easy. First, click here to get a free quote on the total costs. If you’re happy with the quote a member of our team will be in touch to help you every step of the way!

Note these rules are for international flights from the UK – rules may vary from other countries

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Iberia Airlines Pet Travel Cost

The best way to find out how much it’ll cost to ship your pet with Iberia Airlines is to get a free quote from our team, but as a rough ballpark figure, you can expect to pay between £1400 – £6500 to export your dog with Iberia Airlines, And between £1400 – £1650 to export your cat with Iberia Airlines.

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Dog export with Iberia Airlines

Dog export with Iberia Airlines

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Cat export with Iberia Airlines

Cat export with Iberia Airlines

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