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KLM Pet Travel

KLM Pet Shipping Service

KLM is a great airline for many destinations via Amsterdam that are not covered by other airlines, such as Shanghai during the summer months and also various African destinations.

KLM and Air France have a very quick and efficient booking process, very high welfare standards and a brilliant safely record.

They will carry snub nosed puppies up to 6 months of age, but not once they are older. This is because it takes puppies this long to develop the upper airway breathing problems associated with BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome), so they consider puppies to be at low risk of developing problems during the flight.

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KLM Pet Export Information

The height restriction for travel kennels delivered to Heathrow is only 33 inches, so this restricts us with some breeds, but if necessary, we are able to use a Martinair freighter out of London Stansted to Amsterdam where all of their big planes fly onwards to the many destinations covered by this airline.

KLM actually own the transit facility in Amsterdam, will feed the pets if the comfort stop is long enough and will also exercise dogs on a grassed area to ensure they are likely to relive themselves.

KLM are also partnered with Air France, so we are able to use routes via Paris that are not offered by other airlines such as Reunion. Again, we have good options for transiting pets in Paris, including an agent who can collect pets from one aircraft, give them a rest in a secure kennel or cattery unit and then deliver out to the onwards flight.

KLM Pet Travel Cost

The cost to ship your pet with KLM varies depending on a variety of factors, including the type of pet you’re shipping and the location you’re shipping to. If you would like a completely free quote on the total costs to ship your pet with KLM, click on the button below and our team will provide you with a no obligation quote fast. You can also call us up on 01206 330332 for any free advice or information you may need.

KLM Pet Shipping FAQs

Is KLM pet friendly?

KLM are pet friendly and offer pet shipping for many types of cats and dogs. They will ship snub-nosed puppies, but will not ship any snub-nosed dogs over the age of 6 months old due to BOAS. They will also not ship dogs that require travel kennels over the height of 33 inches, which does mean there are restrictions with certain taller breeds of dog (but we are usually able to find a way around this). If you require any help shipping your pet with KLM, contact the Fetchapet team today for a free no obligation quote.

Does KLM allow emotional support animals?

KLM does not allow emotional support animals in the passenger cabin. Emotional support animals must be transported as cargo.

Does KLM allow pets in cabin?

KLM will allow certain breeds of dog to fly in the passenger cabin. This can be booked without the assistance of a pet travel company. Whereas others must be transported in the cargo hold.

What is the cost of flying a dog with KLM?

Flying your dog with KLM will cost between £1400 – £4000, depending on the location you’re flying to and the size of your dog. Find out exactly how much it would cost to fly your dog with KLM by getting a free quote click here

What is the cost of flying a cat with KLM?

Flying your cat with KLM should cost you around £1400 – £1600 depending on a variety of factors. Get a free quote and find out exactly how much it would cost to ship your cat with KLM by clicking here.

Can pets travel on the same flight as me with KLM?

Yes you are able to travel on the same flight as your pet when using KLM. We advise you book your pet’s flight first as it’s easier and cheaper to reschedule your pets flight than it is your own flight, and if you use Fetchapet, we will reschedule your pet’s flight for free and only charge a nominal admin fee if you need to make multiple changes to to your pets flight date.

How to book a pet on KLM.

If you need to book a pet on KLM Airlines, give our friendly team a call today on 01206 330332. You can also click here to submit your details and get a free quote. If you decide to use our pet travel company, we will guide you through every step of the process and ensure everything runs as smooth as possible. Alternatively if you’re just looking for a bit of help with one of the many aspects of pet travel you can give us a call, we are always happy to give any free advice or guidance you may need.

Dog export with KLM

Dog export with KLM

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Cat export with KLM

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