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If you need any free help or advice on shipping your pet, feel free to call us on 01206 330332. You can also find out how much it would cost by clicking the button below and getting a free no obligation quote.

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We use Lufthansa from Heathrow via their main hub in Frankfurt, where we then have access to more than 300 worldwide destinations with this efficient airline. They will tranship to any destination that permits them to land dogs and cats.

All pets must have a rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to transiting in Frankfurt.

They are a great airline for snub nosed dogs and Persians as they will carry these providing temperatures are below 27 degrees at origin, transit stop and destination.

Lufthansa have been carrying pets safely for over 30 years and the transit lounge in Frankfurt is amongst the most advanced in the world. Pet dogs and cats get to come out of their crates and relieve themselves during the journey and are fed if they have a long break between flights. This is an airline we have great faith in with an excellent record in animal welfare and use frequently with the utmost confidence in the service they provide for us.

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Lufthansa Pet Shipping FAQs

Is Lufthansa pet friendly?

Yes Lufthansa are pet friendly and will export most breeds of both cats and dogs. This includes Persians and snub-nosed dogs in certain circumstances. To find out if your pet is shippable through Lufthansa Airlines, submit your details into our free quote form and we'll get back to you with a no-obligation price and free advice and information.

Does Lufthansa allow emotional support animals?

No, Lufthansa does not allow emotional support animals to be transported in the passenger cabin. All animals must be transported as cargo on Lufthansa flights.

Does Lufthansa allow pets in the cabin?

Lufthansa do allow some breeds of dog to be flown in the passenger cabin. This can be booked without the assistance of a pet travel company. Most breeds of dogs however will need to be transported in the cargo hold.

What is the cost of flying a dog with Lufthansa?

Between £940 - £2715, depending on your dog's size, weight and the destination you're flying to. If you'd like to find out exactly how much it would cost to fly your dog with Lufthansa, get a free quote by clicking here.

What is the cost of flying a cat with Lufthansa?

If you're looking to ship your cat with Lufthansa Airlines, you can expect to pay between £940 and £1450. Contact our team today to find out exactly how much it would cost on 01206 330332.

Can pets travel on the same flight as me with Lufthansa?

Yes, you are able to fly on the same flight as your dog, cat or other pet when using Lufthansa Airlines. The best way for you to ensure you end up on the same flight as your pet is to book your pet's flight first and then book your flight after, as it is easier and cheaper to reschedule your pet's flight then it is your own. If you use Fetchapet, we will allow you to reschedule your pet's flight for free and only charge a small admin fee if you need to make multiple changes to your pets flight date.

How to book a pet on Lufthansa

The most straightforward way to book your pet onto a Lufthansa flight is to use a pet travel company in your country. If you'd like to use us, click here and fill out your details and we'll give you a free quote on how much it will cost to fly your pet with Lufthansa. We will also be there with you throughout the entire pet shipping process to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible without any hiccups along the way.

Lufthansa Pet Travel Cost

The price to ship a dog, cat or bird with Lufthansa will depend on a variety of factors, such as the breed, destination etc. If you would like us to figure out the exact costs, submit your requirements into our online form and get a free no-obligation quote fast. Simply click the button below and fill out your details.

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Dog export with Lufthansa

Dog export with Lufthansa

Find out how much it would cost to fly your dog with Lufthansa Airlines. Click the button below.

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Cat export with Lufthansa

Cat export with Lufthansa

Get a free quote on exporting your cat with Lufthansa Airlines. Click on the button below.

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Bird export with Lufthansa

Bird Export

Need to ship birds with Lufthansa Airlines? Get a free quote today. Click the button below.

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