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Thai Airways Pet Travel

Thai Airways Pet Shipping Service

This airline can work out as a very cost-effective option for Bangkok and also offer connecting routes into Cambodia that can be difficult to reach with other airlines.

Thai Airways only allow pets to travel as cargo, although some flights allow service dogs in the cabin to assist deaf and blind people.

All pets travelling in the cargo hold will be placed inside sturdy travel kennels that will be securely fastened to ensure the safety of your pet throughout it's journey.

Members of staff at Thai Airways are great with animals and will ensure your pet has a safe ride to your chosen destination.

Thai airways will not accept certain breeds of snub-nosed dogs – please contact us for more information.

Thai Airways Pet Travel Cost

The price of shipping your pet with Thai Airways will largely depend on your specific requirements, as some pets are cheaper to ship than others. For example, it is cheaper to ship a small dog that does not take up much room in the cargo hold than it is to ship a large dog that takes up more room.

You can find out the exact cost of shipping your pet with Thai Airways by submitting your details into our free quotation form. Simply click on the button below and enter your details and we will get back to you with a free, no obligation quote fast.

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