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TUI Group Pet Travel

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TUI, formerly Thomson Airlines, is an airline that will carry all breeds of dogs and cats, with no restrictions on flat faced dog breeds, this is especially useful for English and French Bulldogs that are now such popular pets. They only fly cats and dogs so no birds or reptiles can travel with TUI.

TUI has a good destination list, including many island locations such as the Canary Islands and also Caribbean destinations like Barbados, Antigua and St Lucia, so they can be a very good airline for us to use for pet travel.

However, we do have to be mindful when booking a flight that TUI is essentially a tourist airline and so many of their routes are seasonal. They also have quite a short height limit for travel kennels on many routes, so this airline can only really work for small or medium sized dogs on certain routes.

Pets dogs and cats must travel in IATA compliant travel kennels of a sturdy construction that give enough room for pets to stand up,turn around and lay down during the journey. We can supply travel kennels of the appropriate size and standard for your individual pet.

Please contact our office for more information if TUI is the airline you would prefer to use for your dog or cat.

TUI Group Pet Shipping FAQs

Is Tui Group pet friendly?

Tui is a pet friendly airline that will export most breeds of cats and dogs. To find out if your dog or cat can fly with TUI give our friendly team the call now on 01206 330332 or a free no obligation quotation.

Does Tui Group allow emotional support animals?

TUI Group does not allow emotional support animals to be flown in the cabin.

Does Tui Group allow pets in cabin?

TUI Group does not allow pets to be flown in the cabin from UK flights.

What is the cost of flying a dog with Tui Group?

TUI Group dog shipping usually costs between £1400 – £3500. You can find out how much it will cost to ship your dog specifically by clicking here.

What is the cost of flying a cat with Tui Group?

Shipping your cat with TUI Group will cost between £1400 – £1600 (on average). You can get an exact quote on exporting your cat with TUI Group by clicking here.

Can pets travel on the same flight as me with Tui Group?

Yes, your cat or dog can fly on the same flight as you when using TUI Group. The cheapest way to do this is book your pets flight before booking your own, as you can reschedule your pets flight easier than you can yours. If you use our services, we can reschedule your pet’s flight free and only charge a small administration fee for multiple re-bookings.

How to book a pet on Tui Group.

Booking your pet on a TUI flight is easy. First, get your free quote by clicking here and filling out your details. A friendly member of our team will then be in touch to help you through every step of the way. You can also call us on 01206 330332 for any free advice you may need.

Note these rules are for international flights from the UK – rules may vary from other countries. Have a question? Give us a call on 01206 330332.

TUI Pet Travel Cost

If you’d like to found out how much it’d cost to fly you pet with TUI group, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to provide a free quote on pet shipping with no obligation.

As a rough ball park figure, you can expect to pay between £1400 – £3500 when shipping your dog with TUI, and between £1400 – £1600 when shipping your cat.

Get an exact quote free, click the button below and tell us some details about your pet.

Dog export with TUI Group

Dog export with TUI Group

Find out how much it would cost to ship your dog with TUI Group. Click the button below.

Cat export with TUI Group

Cat export with TUI Group

Find out how much it would cost to export your car with TUI Group. Click the button below.