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Fetchapet are experts at flying dogs and cats to Australia.

With 30 years’ experience in international pet exports, we will fly your pet in safe and comfortable IATA compliant pet travel crates.

With 30 years’ experience in international pet exports, we will fly your pet in safe and comfortable IATA compliant pet travel crates.

We offer a bespoke pet export service for customers seeking to send their cat or dog from the UK to Australia.

Our pet export specialists can arrange for collection of your pet/s from your home anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales. Alternatively, you may deliver to our premises, or one of our representatives can meet you at Heathrow airport.

We can attend to all pre-export documentation on your behalf, including the submission of the import permit application and making the quarantine reservations on your behalf.

What to Expect When Sending your Dog or Cat to Australia

Fetchapet arrange the airline booking to correspond with pet quarantine reservations in Australia. The only Australian Government Quarantine establishment is located in Melbourne.

For animals intended for other Australian destinations, we have a network of other IPATA agents that can help with the onwards journey after quarantine.

Pre-shipment veterinary work can be undertaken by our own Veterinary Surgeons including blood tests, DEFRA Export Health Certificates and parasite treatments. We are also happy to guide you and your own Vet through the process to ensure complete compliance with the rules for pets entering Australia. Please note it currently takes a minimum of 7 months to prepare dogs and cats to enter Australia. Please contact us for more information.

Pre-shipment boarding is available for dogs and cats for long or short periods at one of our partnered kennels, where we have full access to the animals so we can ensure all tests and treatments are undertaken as required.

IATA compliant air travel kennels are manufactured in our own workshops and each kennel is tailor made to suit your pet's measurements, ensuring maximum safety and comfort during the journey.

All clients are most welcome to come and visit us to meet the Fetchapet staff who will be looking after your pet as they travel from the UK to Australia. We have fantastic dog walks right on the doorstep and are happy to take you for a relaxing country walk to discuss your requirements and show you how we can deliver a different approach with our truly bespoke pet export services. Our cat owners are just as welcome to come and visit us for a cuppa and a chat. Please join us on our Facebook page for the most up to date news and travelling pet stories.

Please feel free to browse our website for more information on sending your cat or dog to Australia, or contact us for additional details.

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