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Fetchapet expertly arrange to fly your dog or cat to Bermuda. As BA recommended pet shippers with 30 years’ experience, we make flying pets hassle-free.

Fetchapet offer a bespoke pet shipping service including:

Collection of your pet from your home or breeders address anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales, or you may deliver to our premises, or be met at Gatwick airport by one of our representatives.

We will attend to your pet’s airline reservations and we will attend to, or guide you through, the completion of all the necessary pre-export documentation.

The export of pets to Bermuda is a relatively straightforward process, and we are happy to send adult pets and also puppies and kittens that are over 10 weeks of age at the time of shipment.

There are no compulsory vaccinations for pets entering Bermuda from the UK, however, we strongly recommend that adult pets are kept up to date with their routine vaccines, and that puppies and kittens have at least the first part of their normal vaccinations because they are entering a totally new environment and thus have some disease protection whilst travelling and also on arrival.

Pre-shipment veterinary work can be undertaken by our own DEFRA Official Veterinarians (OV) including the issue of the DEFRA Export Health Certification and external parasite (flea and tick) treatment. Alternatively, we can work with your usual Vet to ensure all documents are completed correctly.

Pet dogs and cats must be microchipped and have the microchip number recorded on all veterinary certificates to identify the animal when completing any paperwork.

Once the Export Health Certificate is completed an import permit from the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection is required and this is usually obtained by Fetchapet on your behalf and added to your shipping documents. Some breeds of dog require a ‘restricted breeds’ import permit which basically means your property must be inspected and approved by the Bermuda Department of Environmental Protection prior to an import permit being granted.

Dogs and cats usually travel to Bermuda 2 days after the Export Health Certificate has been issued by an OV (Official Veterinarian) or LVI (Local Veterinary Inspector) of DEFRA.

If you prefer to do the paperwork yourself, we can offer assistance with checking documents and details prior to submitting the import permit application. We offer clear guidance and as much support as needed for our clients on what must be done and when to do it in order to prepare pets for shipment.

Air travel kennels are either manufactured in our own workshops and each kennel is tailor made to suit your pet's measurements, or are available as the plastic vari-kennel types that come in 7 different sizes, both types are IATA LAR (Live Animals Regulations) Compliant and ensure maximum safety and comfort during the journey.

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