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Pet Export to Kuwait


Collection of your pet is available from your home or breeders address anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales, or you may deliver to our premises, or be met at Heathrow airport by one of our representatives

A maximum of 1 pet per owner (per human passport) are allowed entry into Kuwait

Pet dogs and cats must be microchipped and have the microchip number recorded on all veterinary certificates. Microchipping must be undertaken before the required certificates are completed to enable the Official Veterinarian (OV) or Local Veterinary Inspector (LVI) of DEFRA to identify the animal when completing any paperwork.

An Import Permit from Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources in Kuwait is required prior to shipment.

Dogs and cats must have a DEFRA Export Health Certificate required issued by an Official Veterinarian (OV) or Local Veterinary Inspector (LVI) of DEFRA not more than 48 hours prior to shipment. Most practices have at least one OV working in the practice.

The DEFRA Export Health Certificate must be legalized by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and also by the Kuwaiti Embassy in London prior to shipment. We have an account with the FCO and so are able to attend to this on your behalf.

Air travel kennels are manufactured in our own workshops and each kennel is tailor made to suit your pet's measurements which ensures maximum safety and comfort during the journey.

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