Pet Shipping Cost Estimate 2023

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How much does pet shipping cost?

Here are some rough ballpark figures for each of the main pet friendly airlines in the UK. Remember, you can find out exactly how much your pet shipping will cost by submitting your details into the form above!

AirlineCost of shipping a dogCost of shipping a cat
British Airways £1400 – £6500 £1400 – £1650
Emirates £1400 – £8000 £1400 – £1600
Qantas Not currently carrying pets from UK
Lufthansa Not currently carrying pets from UK
KLM £1400 – £4000 £1400 – £1600
Air Canada £1400 – £4500 £1400 – £1700
Thai Airways £1400 – £4500 £1400 – £1500
American Airlines £1400 – £6000 £1400 – £1700
Iberia £1400 – £6500 £1400 – £1650
United Airlines Not currently carrying pets from the UK
Singapore Airlines £1500 – £8000 £1500 – £2300
Aeromexico £1550 – £5000 £1550 – £1750
Kenya Airways £1400 – £4000 £1400 – £1800
Royal Brunei Airlines Only transport pets for the Royal Family – no route currently available
TUI Group £1400 – £3500 £1400 – £1600

Note: some routes incur a higher charge than others due to the way the pets are loaded on certain aircraft sizes, also some indirect routes incur a transit care charge. For both cats and dogs the prices vary according to the size of the pet and therefore the size of the travel kennel. There are many variables that can have a direct impact on the costs for pet travel.

Note: these rules are for international flights from the UK – rules may vary from other countries

How Much Is Pet Shipping?

The cost of shipping a pet by air will very much depend on its size. As a general rule, it will cost more to ship larger pets than it will smaller pets, as they will take up more space in the cargo hold due to their need for a larger travel crate.

Another important factor when determining the cost of flying your pet abroad from the UK is the destination you’re flying them to.

Some countries will cost considerably more than others, and that’s why the above pet shipping cost chart should only be taken as ballpark figures.

You can find out exactly how much it will cost to ship your pet by submitting your requirements into the form above and filling out your details. This is the best way for you to get an idea of how much it will cost, as we will put together a bespoke quote for your specific situation.

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As you can see from the table above, pet shipping costs range between £1,400 and £8,000, depending on the size of your pet and chosen destination.

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