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Fetchapet are experts at flying birds worldwide. With 30 years’ experience, we will fly your pet bird in safe and comfortable IATA compliant travel crates.

The below information is intended for guidance only and because the regulations regarding pet bird exports for certain countries are dependent on both the UK and the destination countries Avian Influenza status, we strongly recommend that you contact our office for further support and guidance prior to beginning any pre-export veterinary tests or treatments. We are more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have regarding your particular species of bird or destination country.

We do not recommend flying very small birds such as Budgerigars or Cockatiels due to the potential stress and health hazards associated with altitude and airline travel.

Birds may not be imported into Australia or New Zealand unless destined for a Zoo.

IATA compliant and airline approved air travel containers specifically designed for birds are manufactured in our own workshops and each kennel is tailor made to suit your type of bird and exact measurements which ensures maximum safety and comfort during the journey.

We have several designs of bird containers and the one used would depend on the type of bird being shipped, so the photo on this website is meant as a guide and the one shown is applicable to Parrot species.

There is free movement of pet birds between member states throughout the European Union, but an Export Health Certificate from DEFRA is required for certain European Countries so please check with our friendly team for more information.

For shipments outside the EU, there are some countries that do not accept certain species of birds, and often no more than 2 birds are accepted from one owner.

The shipment of endangered bird species (such as parrots) are strictly controlled under the CITES Regulations (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and it is necessary to obtain a CITES Export Permit from Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Centre for International Trade - Bristol , 1/17 Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6EB. Tel: +44 (0) 1900 700471. Email: wildlife.licensing@apha.gsi.gov.uk

A CITES import permit from the CITES office of the destination country may also be required, and this is often in addition to an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture in the relevant country of import.

Please allow at least 6 weeks to obtain the necessary CITES Import & Export Permits and organise the necessary veterinary protocols prior to export.

Birds destined for certain countries must be held in the U.K. under Veterinary Supervision for specified isolation periods prior to shipment. This can be undertaken at the owners home following approval from a DEFRA OV (Official Veterinarian) or at Fetchapet where our Vets will attend to any necessary tests and treatments prior to shipment to ensure that the bird complies fully with the requirements of the country in question. 

Birds are housed in our office in a lovely large cage that is suitable for all Parrot species including Macaws where they have lots of human company and plenty of stimulation 7 days a week and are provided with a balanced diet which includes a breed specific dry diet and a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as appropriate.

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Birds to South Africa

Birds may enter South Africa from the U.K.

An import permit is required from the Director of Veterinary Services, Private Bag X138, Pretoria Street, Pretoria, South Africa. Certain breeds such as parrots will also require CITES Export and Import permits.

We can help you with obtaining the necessary permits in the UK and Fetchapet have agents in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town who will, if required, attend to the import permit and CITES permit applications on your behalf.

Birds are subject to pre-export isolation of a minimum period of 30 days immediately preceding export and also to a post arrival quarantine period in South Africa.

Birds require a DEFRA Health Certificate signed in the U.K. by an OV (Official Veterinarian) or L.V.I. (Local Veterinary Inspector) of DEFRA not more than 10 days prior to shipment.

Birds to USA

Fetchapet can provide bird shipping to the United States providing an import permit has been obtained prior to shipment from. We can assist with obtaining this permit and also CITES (Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species) import and export permits if necessary. Some birds are subject to quarantine in the USA at the New York, Miami or Los Angeles Government quarantine stations and the importation of birds into the USA is always dependent upon the current Avian Influenza status of the UK and so we recommend contacting our office for more information.

USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) implements the regulations regarding the importation of birds, and more information can be found at the following website link: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/bring-pet-into-the-united-states/pet-travel-birds-into-us

For bird shipments – because the rules for bird species such as Parrots are different to those for other pets we suggest that you please complete the Birds to all worldwide destinations form on this website in order to contact our office for more details.

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