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Bird Shipping Experts With 30+ Years' Experience

The birds sent by us travel securely in the cargo hold safely away from the hustle and bustle of the passenger cabin.

Most birds travel very well, and we have a few who fly back and forth from the USA every couple of years with us.  They don’t appear to like it as they are often a little tricky to coax into a travel crate, but they arrive safe and well and soon get back to normal at home. 

We have shipped some incredible birds to various destinations over the years and they hold a special place in the heart of Fetchapet just as much as the cats and dogs do!

They travel in specially adapted wooden containers with perches, and unlike dogs and cats, they must have access to both food and water during the journey.

There are formalities with regards to Customs and CITES for some birds, and it can be a long process if special import permits and conditions are also required.   

We house the birds in our office if isolation or temporary housing is needed and will offer the full package from house collection to delivery if required.  Our vet is also used to dealing with birds and comes to the office to avoid too many upsetting moves.  If you prefer to keep your bird with you for as long as possible, we will guide you through each thing that must be done with your own vet.

We are very experienced with shipping birds like Parrots, Macaws, Splendid Parakeets and Conures, so please contact us for more information.

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