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Reptile Shipping Services

Reptile Export, Made Easy

We will ship Tortoises and have sent quite a few to many worldwide destinations over the years. They travel well and seem to settle into their new environment quite quickly after the journey.

Tortoises travel in made to measure travel boxes that are lined inside with polystyrene to help to keep the tortoise warm during the journey.  They also have food and water containers so they can continue to eat and drink as normal during the whole journey. Measurements of the shell and also the tortoises height are required so that a travel box can be made in the correct size for the individual reptile.

Import CITES Permit

Many pet reptiles are endangered species in the wild and so are subject to additional requirements such as a CITES export permit from the UK and a CITES import permit from the destination country. These are obtained from the relevant CITES Authorities in both countries and are relatively simple to obtain providing that proof of purchase is available to show that the animal was captive bred and has not been obtained from any wild population. Whilst being a relatively straightforward permit to obtain, it takes several weeks to complete in the UK, and most other countries will not provide an import CITES permit until the copy export permit from the UK has been submitted.  This will usually add up to at least a couple of months waiting for the permits to become available before the rest of the export process can be completed and they are able to travel. If proof of purchase is not available, the process will take considerably longer to complete and can be a bit trickier to prove your reptile is a pet that was obtained in the UK.

A second permit to import animals is also often required by the destination country, usually from their Department of Agriculture Veterinary Services division.

Most reptiles also require a DEFRA Health Certificate, and each country with a certificate available will have their own rules and requirements for these. Please contact us for more information.

Snakes and lizards are more specialised and if it is a species we are not very familiar with, then we will direct you towards one of our exotic specialist agents who will be happy to help.

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