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We moved to Spain last August. Knowing very little about the transportation of live animals we contacted Fetchapet. Emma and Rachel were very caring and understanding on our needs, to make sure that Ben our Lab Retriever was well looked after on every aspect of his journey from Ipswich to Spain. He travelled in a wooden crate that was made especially for him on his flight from London Gatwick to Alicante, where we met him at the freight cargo area. He had water throughout the flight and he was in very good shape when he arrived although a little tired as he had an early morning flight! Also Rachel went the further mile in giving us the address of kennels very near to where we live in La Nucia, which are brilliant. Thanks to the care given by Fetchapet.

Maureen Gren Nokes

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for all your help and assistance in getting Eddie safely out to us. You took all the stress out of the task and were really helpful liaising with the vet on our behalf. Collecting Ed from our friends was a real bonus. We were so relieved that we had someone who obviously cared about animals and took care to arrange everything for us as if he was your own.

If there is anywhere I can leave feedback for you or if you would like to use this email as a testimonial, please do so, or let me know what I can do.

He has been home with us since Monday and he is a very happy chap. It’s lovely having with us after 2 and a half months. Our home is now complete.

QPS were really helpful and friendly and even gave him a bath before we picked him up. We visited him every day he was in quarantine,10 days has never gone so slowly.

Thanks again

Chrissie Edwards

Fetchapet provide a cost effective and speedy solution to our shipping requirements for our show dogs. We send many dogs abroad and most recently have used Fetchapet to send a show dog to the USA and a puppy to Canada. Great customer service both times. We will certainly be using them for our future dog exports. Cara Davani and Andy Potts

Kebulak Show Dogs

Fetchapet were amazing in assisting me with the transportation of our two dogs and African Grey Parrot to Halifax, Canada. There were many hurdles in the process and Fetchapet were always there with advice and assistance. Nanook, Hobo and KiiKii all arrived at their new home happy and healthy. Thank you ladies.

Jo-Anne Gaston

Dear Rachel, now that the dust has settled and Koko is learning his new routine and enjoying the chilly mud of an Essex March after the sunny beaches of Cayman I thought I’d like to send you a special thank you. We expected and received a thoroughly professional service from Fetchapet in every way from general advice to punctilious paperwork. But we and Koko also had a lot of kindness from you in terms of reassuring emails about his Heathrow collection and Hannia’s very special boarding arrangements. It made the whole business of transporting a much-loved dog 4,000 miles a lot easier to deal with and we are very grateful. Best wishes

Dr Jane Pearson

I used Fetchapet to transport our Jack Russell Terrier from the UK to Muscat, Oman. The service we got was excellent and Molly arrived without a hitch. They liaised directly with the vets here and I just picked her up in the cargo area. She wasn’t distressed and every effort had been made to ensure the least amount of anxiety. I would certainly use them again.

Helen Adamson

Without your calm reassurance and attention to detail I don’t think I would have coped with the stress of the move from the UK to Australia. My two dogs and cat arrived safely just as you said they would, and we’re all living happily here in Tasmania, many thanks!

Barbara Sterry

Hi Emma

We picked up Oscar Tess on 18th Dec from quarantine and they seemed very happy to see us. The facilities are very clean spacious and we got to meet Lisa who had fallen in love with our moggies. Seems they have admirers from wherever they have been. They are settled in now and getting used to this strange house, thankful for the cool concrete floor as they have their thick coats ready for winter and it’s summer here, had temperatures of 28 degrees. Unfortunately we cannot let them outside as it’s not too safe around here and also we will be moving into our permanent home (I hope!) late February so that’s where we want their radar to tune to.

They still sleep in their crate, must feel secure for them. It’s a great box, really strong and was good for bringing them home in. Will be good for when we move again partly to transport them but also to stop them escaping!! Good craftmanship there.

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me in getting our furbabies over here, all the confusing forms and medications and what to do next. I really couldn’t have done it without you and I’d have no hesitation in recommending you. It’s rare someone does their job so well and in such a friendly manner too!! So we appreciate everything you did.

Take care and have a fantastic 2016 and if you’re ever over this way, it would be lovely to meet you.

Amanda, Gareth, Emma Holly

There is a lot to worry about when moving abroad, but I can honestly say that, thanks to Fetchapet, moving our cat Titch from the UK to Kuala Lumpur wasn’t one of them. It was really clear in all our communications with the company that they are true animal lovers, who treated our cat as if she was their own. Organising international pet transport can be daunting, but they handled all the paper work and gave excellent advice on what was necessary. 24 hours after my wife and I arrived at our new home, we picked Titch up from the airport with hardly any issues, and within a day she was happily exploring her new, much hotter country (although she was frustrated by the ability of geckos to keep out of her reach!).

I have no reservations on using them again, and they will certainly be our first point of contact when we return to the UK.

James Wright

Thank you so much for your professional and first class service collecting Panda and Anya. They are all the better for travelling with Fetchapet, as they left their breeder in superb condition and lost none of it on the journey. They are both settled in their new homes, bonding with their fellow canines and humans and have taken the whole thing in their stride.

It was money well paid as far as I am concerned. Always grateful to you for your genuine care for our lovely girls. All three of us humans were concerned for the puppies naturally but our fears were soon deflated when we had you and Han on board looking after our puppies’ interest and wellbeing.

Helen Davenport. Nellbern Bernese Mountain Dogs

Hello Emma, I just wanted to follow up with a big thank you from all of us for getting Mighty to Phoenix, USA! Mighty was ready to go when we got to him at and we did not pay any additional fees. Your service was splendid and Mighty received excellent service. It’s very difficult to trust strangers with the livelihood of a member of the family but thank you for being trustworthy, patient, and kind.

Schuttenberg Family

I have worked with Rachel for the past 20 years or so, at Par Air for many years and now at Fetchapet. She has always worked efficiently both when sending my dogs to various worldwide destinations and bringing them into the UK by road from Italy as well. She has shipped many of my Neapolitan Mastiffs to destinations such as Australia, South Africa, Japan, Pakistan, Finland, Hungary, Norway, USA and Tobago just to name a few. We worked together on a Sky TV series called Pet Passport many years ago and still work closely together with any pet travel enquiries for my dogs, and now with Fetchapet using my boarding kennels as well for their clients I know that our great working relationship is sure to continue. I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel and Emma at Fetchapet to anyone who is looking for a first class service.

Steve Cox. Rayvonley Mastiffs Boarding Kennels

We used Fetchapet to move our dog Nesta to New Zealand. Rachel and Emma were most supportive and helpful throughout the whole process. Nesta arrived safe and without any issues. I would definitely recommend Fetchapet to anybody! 🙂

Swetlana Jagana

You transported our Mini Schnauzer Milly home to Auckland, New Zealand in September 2015. However, you looked after her so well whilst her Dad’s spent a month gallivanting across the USA on a road trip en-route to New Zealand. Without any drama or fuss you also re-arranged her flights at the last minute and all the necessary paperwork when Milly hit a last minute hitch – an eye infection.

She did, of course, arrive safe and sound and we were very impressed with the service from start to finish – all at a very reasonable price.

Attached is a photo of us a few minutes after we were all reunited in Auckland.

Darwin Shane

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