Cat Shipping Services | Export Cats

Cat Shipping Services | Export Cats

Safely Shipping Cats Across The World For Over 30 Years

Export Cat
This is Cedrick. He safely flew to Australia!

The cats sent by us travel securely in the cargo hold safely away from the hustle and bustle of the passenger cabin.

Cats can be exported to almost any worldwide destination.  The country rules tend to generally follow what is needed for dogs but typically, except for rabies, do not involve as many invasive procedures such as blood tests.

All cats must be identified with a microchip either just before or at the time the pre-export veterinary treatments are started. Usually, there is a requirement for vaccinations and antiparasitic treatments, and they do have to be certified as fit enough to travel by a Vet within a maximum of 10 days before travel.

Exporting Cats From UK to Worldwide Destinations

We explain any requirements and either attend to them on your behalf or will guide you through everything that is required. There are no extras fees for as much help and guidance as you need.

Cats travel incredibly well; we regularly send quite elderly cats as well as kittens, and all of them including the ones in between travel equally well.  Cats are used to being moved in travel crates and once they are put in a cosy box in the dark, they sleep through the journey.

Snub nosed cats such as Persians and Exotics are not as restricted as their dog counterparts, and generally don’t need any special routings; they can usually be transported easily to all worldwide destinations. As standard, these types of cats travel in larger crates than the minimum requirements with Fetchapet.

We always stock both plastic and wooden cat crates in small, medium and large. We can also make wooden double cat boxes with a wire safety divider, or any sized cat carrier you may need.

Where Are You Flying Your Cat To?

We export cats to a variety of countries, including: