How Pet Travel By Air Works

How Pet Travel By Air Works

Need to fly your pet abroad? Here’s how pet transport works from the UK


1. Request A Free Quotation From Fetchapet

Contact us for a personalised quote, details of the destination country rules and the Veterinary requirements. The costs are directly related to travel crate size, so we need the measurements of your dog for an accurate price – no need to measure cats. With puppies, we estimate for you based on our more than 35 years’ experience.


2. Check Your Pet Complies With The Country Requirements

We can do absolutely everything from start to finish, or just some of the process. We always tell you what your pet needs to ensure a smooth move abroad and guide you through the process step by step. Ours is a truly bespoke service so you tell us what you need!


3. Book The Flight

We take care of this for you and have good relationships with all the major airlines. If there is a direct flight that works, in most cases we will offer this, however, some airlines don’t carry all breeds or cover all destinations, so we must use our other trusted routes. We offer the best flights at the best price we can and always with the welfare of your pet our priority.


4. Organise The Veterinary Schedule

Our vets can do everything required for the export process or we can guide you and your own vet through it, whatever suits you best. We advise on all the vaccines, tests and treatments – some countries have simple rules, others are more complex and take many months to complete, so it’s important we start early and work out the best options for your pets.


5. Prepare The Documents

We take care of, or check the validity of absolutely everything for you and our service includes all the help you may need with the reams of paperwork involved in pet shipping; we know its stressful enough sending your pet by air, so if we can complete it for you we will.

Pet Travel Crates

6. Pet Travel Crates

We supply both wooden and plastic travel kennels and all come fully equipped for immediate use. Each type has its own advantages but, in most circumstances, a wooden made to measure crate is the best for safety, cost and comfort. We will advise you on the options available.


7. Delivery To The Airline For Travel

Whether we collect from your home, you bring your pet to our premises, or we meet you at the airport, your pet will be delivered to the flight check in by our staff who are familiar with all the processes involved whichever airline and whatever country in the world your pet is travelling to.

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