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Par Air Services History | Pet Shipping Company

Par Air Services was Europe’s oldest pet shipping company. Originally established in 1949, they started out as a small boarding kennels and went on to become the first UK company to offer pet export across the world.

The pet shipping company would ship to all worldwide destinations and specialised in cat and dog exports to all major airports.

They were proud members of the IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) but kept the facilities to house over one hundred dogs and cats at their base in Stanway.

The Colchester based company closed down in 2014. However several members of the team went on to form Fetchapet Ltd.

Becoming Fetchapet

Rachel Davis worked at Par Air Pet Shipping for over 30 years until their eventual closure in 2014. She then decided to take all those years of experience to create Fetchapet in 2015.

This was a great way to continue the great service Par Air’s customers were used to and allowed many of the previous employees of the company to continue doing what they loved best.

Emma Went and Jeremy Parish also joined the Fetchapet team, both of whom were also members of Par Air.

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About Par Air Services (from 2013)

Par Air Team

Here’s some information about Par Air Services from the old website:

Par Air Services is a family run firm employing 16 staff caring for the kennelling and transport of dogs, cats and other small domestic pets.

The business was established at Colchester in 1949 as a boarding kennel caring for a small number of dogs. Par Air Services is now a premier cat and dog Travel Company that can export pets to any part of the world and a boarding facility that can house over a hundred dogs, cats & rabbits at any one time, in Stanway, Colchester. Inspection of the kennels and cattery is invited during our opening hours; there is no need for an appointment.

Par Air now handle not only pet dogs, cats and birds from private households, but also for breeders exporting pedigree stock around the world, for global corporations assisting their employees to relocate, for the DAC (defence animal centre) who purchase dogs in Europe for training for protection, detection or other varied military or Customs defence jobs, for many major Removal Companies who now offer pet shipping alongside their specialism’s of personal and household effects, for Government Organisations such as FCO employees, and prized stock racing dogs for Greyhound Racing Associations, and not forgetting our pigeon racing enthusiasts and Associations who send their prized racers via Par Air to other worldwide breeders who value the excellent British blood lines.

Par Air Van

Par Air Services offer a worldwide pet shipping service transporting pets by road, sea, rail and air. In many cases we can offer a door to door collection and delivery service to many destinations throughout the world. Not only can Par Air Services offer a pet export shipping service but also an import service into the United Kingdom including delivery to any DEFRA approved Quarantine Kennels and Cattery in the United Kingdom. A regular road Door to Door collection and delivery service to and from Europe operates every two weeks, not only for pets that must go into quarantine but also for pets that qualify to enter under the PET Passport system.

Par Air Services offer a road collection service for pets from the client’s home anywhere in England, or Wales. It is also possible to meet owners with their pets at any London Main Line Rail Terminal by special arrangement.

Working with a network of specialised pet shipping agents we can arrange dog or cat travel to almost every destination in the world. We only use agents that are fully experienced in livestock and we do not handle any other type of general cargo.
Par Air Services take care of all airline, shipping bookings, U.K. customs clearance entries, documentation and Consular Legislation when required. A D.E.F.R.A. approved Veterinary Surgeon is available to issue health documentation as required by the importing country.

Insurance cover is available for pets in transit to or from the U.K. Cover is given from the time of pickup from the client’s door and for 24 hours after the arrival at the destination. This service is available to owners who transport their own pets by car abroad.

Par Air Kennels

Travel kennels are manufactured to International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A.) standards on our own premises. These containers are available in 27 sizes. Sea Kennels are made to order for dogs and cats travelling unaccompanied by sea on cargo vessels.

All pet shipping charges must be prepaid in sterling prior to the animal’s departure. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and other Bank Cards. Cash and cheques accepted in Pounds Sterling or Euros.

Par Air Services Colchester – The professional overseas pet export and import company

At Par Air we ship pets by air from the U.K. to all worldwide destinations. We understand that pet travel is sometimes the most confusing and nerve racking part of your relocation and so we are happy to guide you through the process from start to finish, including liaising with your relatives or pet carers and Vets to ensure a hassle free service. Our own kennel and cattery units are available for those pets awaiting export for long or short periods. Par Air also offers a Door to Door pet transport service by road to and from Europe, and an import collection and delivery service from Heathrow and Gatwick to your home address or nominated quarantine facility. To obtain an affordable quotation for your pet please complete the Enquiry Form on this website.

Due to the changes in UK quarantine laws we are happy to announce that Lexden Kennels and Cattery are now using the ex Par Air quarantine units as a boarding facility housing cats, dogs and rabbits for as long or short a period as required. Please feel free to browse our website for more information on our kennelling facilities or contact us for additional details. All clients are most welcome to come and visit us to view the kennels and cattery to meet the caring staff who will be looking after your pet.

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